Private internal register of Beneficial Ownership

This is a new  register that companies must maintain in addition to the existing statutory registers of members and dirctors and share transfers.

Public Register of Beneficial Ownership

In addition there is an obligation to also file this information on a public filing system on a Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies (RBO).

This is a new register in Ireland.

For all Irish companies there is a deadline set of 22 November 2019 for directors to have the filing made in this public register.

A dedicated website and portal is used to make the filing, the RBO website,

There is no filing fee but all registration filings must be made online.

Act Now

There are detailed FAQs to assist you to make the filing on the new dedicated website

I would recommend that you do not leave this to the deadline day as you may need to gather information that the company may not already have so best to start collecting this information today so that you file in good time before 22 November.




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