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Services to Solicitors - M. McLoughlin & Co Solicitors

Services to Solicitors

Do you wish to upskill or update your knowledge on recent changes to company law, employment law or taxation?

If so, please get in touch.

Read about the solicitor obligations to pay outstanding water charges to Irish Water on the closing of a sale of a dwelling if acting for the vendor.

Do you need assistance or another resource for business law, company law, corporate law, intellectual property rights protection or taxation?

If so please contact us for a quote.

We can help with:

1. Company formations and  company secretarial matters

2. Preparation and negotiation of business documents:

  • shareholders agreements;
  • allotment and transfer of shares;
  • asset purchase agreements;
  • share purchase agreements; and
  • investments.

3. Intellectual property rights protection:

  • trademarks – brand protection;
  • copyright – ideas and permissions;
  • design protection;
  • inventions.

4. Preparing tax liabilities and returns for:

  • capital acquisition tax;
  • capital gains tax; and
  • stamp duty.

5. Review of files

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