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Parental Leave Current Entitlement - M. McLoughlin & Co Solicitors

Parental Leave Current Entitlement

The amount of parental leave that an employee can take has been increased from 1 September 2020. This is in additional to the extra leave granted in September 2019.

The parental leave has increased to 26 working weeks from 1 September 2020.

The age for an eligible child  is age 12.   An age of 16 applies  for certain qualifying children with a disability or long term illness.

How can an employee avail of parental leave?

Employees must provide 6 weeks notification of the intention to take parental leave so you should find out from your employer the procedures to be followed if you wish to avail of this relief.

When will employees be paid for parental leave?

Currently there is no obligation for an employer to pay for parental leave, only force majeure leave where the strict conditions for that leave are satisfied.

If you have questions on employment law and your obligations as an employer or your rights as an employee please contact Michelle.