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Local Property Tax Payment 2020

Local Property Tax Payment 2020

For those who pay the LPT Local Property Tax in Ireland by Annual Debit Authority the payment is due 21 July. Due to the extensions for payment of the LPT due to COVID-19 this year the payment is being taken on 21 July 2020 instead of the original March date. Please...

Parental Leave Current Entitlement

Parental Leave Current Entitlement

Parental Leave Current Entitlement The amount of parental leave that an employee can take has been increased from 1 September 2020. This is in additional to the extra leave granted in September 2019. The parental leave has increased to 26 working weeks from 1...

GDPR Your Obligations

GDPR Your Obligations

The New Year is a good time to review how you are getting on with your General Data Protection Regulation obligations and compliance. Listen back to my slot talking on GDPR on oceanfm in July 2018.  Starts after 17 minutes....

Remote Working

Do not forget your data protection GDPR obligations if remote working or working away from your normal place of work.

Thank You

The end of a year and a decade too. A time for reflection. Also a time for planning and looking forward.

Welcome to 2019

Congratulations on surviving 2018 and all of its uncertainty.

Take time at the start of 2019 to celebrate all of your successes in 2018.

Stamp Duty exemption for farmers on certain leases

A stamp duty exemption for farmers on the lease of agricultural land for farming use has commenced. The stamp duty exemption that applies for a lease of farm land for a period of 6 to 35 years has finally commenced. The exemption commenced on 1 July 2018.

GDPR questions

Some initial questions arising about data protection on the General Data Protection Regulation becoming law on 25 May 2018