What are the letterhead requirements for an Irish company?

The following information must be included on all

• Letters; and
• Order forms

of a limited liability company in all mediums (hard copy, electronic etc.)

Source: section 151 Companies Act 2014.


company letter requirements

Information to be included on company letters

1. Company Name – with correct designation Limited (Ltd) or Designated Activity Company (DAC) etc.

2. Directors – Forename or initials and the surname of each director and the nationality of any non Irish director

3. Legal form of the company

4. Place of registration (for example registered in Dublin, Ireland)

5. Registered number (from the certificate of incorporation)

6. Registered office address – indicate that the address is the registered address

7. If exempt from using the company type – it must be stated that it is a limited liability company


Other information that may be required:

8. If including share capital it must be the paid up issued share capital

9. If the company is being wound up this must be stated


What if the company trades under a business name?

If trading under a business name the business name must also be included in additional to the company information.

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