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If I disclaim do my children inherit instead?

The law and the specific facts should always be double checked if you are thinking of disclaiming a benefit. The rules might surprise you. It should not be assumed that your children will inherit if you disclaim.

Busy week speaking on Company Law and Planning your Future

It certainly was a busy week delivering workshops on Companies Act 2014 and succession law, capital acquisition tax, enduring power of attorney and the fair deal scheme.

Planning for your future. Take time out to document your wishes

If you fail to plan the default legislation rules apply and your property may go to people you did not wish to inherit it and decisions may be made for you that you would not have made.

Employment law review and Human Resources audit

Update your employment law policies and procedures for recent changes to minimum wage, annual leave entitlements and enforcement procedures using Workplace Relations Commission.

Eamon's dilemma. Who should he leave the farm to?

Eamon is a widower aged 75 and has decided to make his will. He has three children John, Jack and Maura. He is trying to decide who should inherit the farm on his death.

Rights of a spouse on the death of other spouse

On a death the surviving spouse has succession rights - a legal entitlement to obtain some property from the estate of the deceased spouse. The rights are determined by whether there are any children. Part IX of The Succession Act 1965 is the relevant legislation.

Benefits of making a will

Would you like to decide and have control over who inherits your property on your death? If so you should make a will setting out your wishes.

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