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Local Property Tax Payment 2020

For those who pay the LPT Local Property Tax in Ireland by Annual Debit Authority the payment is due 21 July.

LPT Single Payment March deadline extended to May 2020

For those who pay the Local Property Tax by single payment the payment deadline is 21 March 2020. Now extended 21 May 2020.

Local Property Tax payment due 21 March 2019

If you pay your Local Property Tax by the once off single annual payment then the payment date is 21 March 2019

Capital Gains Tax relief on property held for 4 years

Are you eligible to avail of the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) relief on property held for 4 years? How can you check?

Local Property Tax 2018 payment dates

The payment dates for paying LPT, local property tax in Ireland have been announced.

NPPR is a deductible expense against rental income

The non principal private residence charge is deductible by landlords against rental income.

2017 Local Property Tax payment

11 January 2017 is the payment date for Local Property Tax in Ireland

LPT Liability rests with owner of property on 1 November in the previous year

Did you know that under Local Property Tax rules the responsibility to pay Local Property Tax and make a LPT tax return is with the owner of the property on 1 November in the previous year?

Taxation issues for property sales

The taxes that have to be considered when selling a property are continuously expanding.

Local Property Tax 2015

Payment of the Local Property Tax (LPT) for 2015 by a lump sum payment is due on 7 January 2015 unless another specific method of payment is designated.

Local Property Tax, Single Debit Authority Deduction 2014

For anyone who opted to pay the 2014 local property tax by means of the single debit authority option the full payment will be deducted on 21 March 2014.

Local Property Tax extension of paper filing date to 14 November 2013

The extension of the paper filing deadline for the Local Property Tax to 14 November 2013 is good news. The online filing deadline of 27 November 2013 is unchanged.

Keep records for Local Property Tax

On a sale of your house or apartment you will be required to furnish proof of payment of the Local Property Tax (LPT) and details of the valuation band declared for the property to the purchaser and your return or, if no return has been made, Revenue's estimate of LPT due.

Local Property Tax Surcharge

The Revenue Commissions have provided details of the local property tax (LPT) surcharge regime.

Local Property Tax. Update on compliance

A Revenue update issued 2 August 2013 indicates that "to date, over 1.58 million LPT returns have been filed and over 175 million has been collected in Local Property Tax."

Local Property Tax - Revenue powers to pursue for unpaid property tax.

Revenue is commencing to follow up on unpaid property tax and writing to taxpayers. Revenue will pursue collection of property tax based on the Revenue Estimate of the local property tax (LPT) that it notified to taxpayers in the letter that accompanied the LPT Return.

Local Property Tax (LPT). Deduction at source from wages/salary or an occupational pension

Employers must put in place facilities to enable the deduction of Local Property Tax payments at source from wages and pensions from July 2013.

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