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Income Tax Pay and File issues 2019

The pay and file online system ROS has been encountering issues presumably due to the volume of last minute filings.

Taxation of short term guest accommodation including AirBnB

Taxation in the form of income tax should always be considered when looking at the net benefits in letting out property in short term arrangements.

Tax Refund Time

31 December is a tax refund deadline date for income tax refunds in Ireland. An annual year end action should always include checking if the Revenue Commissioners owe you a refund.

Tax Deadline Dates 2017

The Pay and File extension dates for 2017.

NPPR is a deductible expense against rental income

The non principal private residence charge is deductible by landlords against rental income.

Tax deadline looming in Ireland

31 October 2016 is the pay and file deadline for income tax and capital acquisition tax. It is also the income tax preliminary tax payment date for tax year 2016.

Budget 2017 Going in the right direction on taxation

There are some positive taxation developments in Budget 2017 for Ireland in relation to DIRT, CAT, CGT and USC. An increased earned income credit for the self employed has been announced.

Tax what next? Proposals in the Programme for Government 2016

The tax proposals for the next five years have been set out at a high level in the Programme for Government in Ireland 2016. In summary the programme includes the following statements about taxation.

Tax Appeals in Ireland

The Revenue Commissioners have made available a new Tax and Duty Appeal Manual in light of the new appeals process that commenced on 21 March 2016

Are you due an Irish tax refund for 2011?

You only have 4 years to make a claim for a tax refund from the Revenue Commissioners in Ireland.

Income Tax 2014 deadlines for Ireland

Income tax deadlines are fast approaching for the filing of Irish 2014 income tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and PRSI returns and the payment of the final amounts due (pay and file).

Vodafone return of value to shareholders tax treatment

The Revenue Commissioners have issued a guide on the tax treatment of the proposed Vodafone return of value to Shareholders.

JobsPlus Incentive

JobsPlus Incentive - a new incentive to encourage employers to hire the long term employed started on 1 July 2013.

Taxation of Maternity Benefit, Adoptive Benefit and Health and Safety Benefit commences July 2013.

These benefits which are payable by the Department of Social Protection (DSP) will be taxable in full from 1 July 2013. USC and PRSI will not apply to these benefits.

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