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Do you hold adequate, accurate and current information on the beneficial owners of your company?

Do you have a beneficial owners register?

Did you miss the deadline?

If you missed the company law conversion deadline you can still convert your company into another type of company under Companies Act 2014 if you do not want your company to be a Private Company Limited by Shares.

Do you need to convert your Irish Private Limited Company?

You have until 30 November 2016 to convert to the new form private limited liability company or designated activity company using the free transition rules provided for in Companies Act 2014.

Payments for loss of office or retirement from office to a director of an Irish company

Company law requirements must always be considered when making a payment to a director or past director of a company for loss of office or retirement from office. Payments for the loss of office of a subsidiary or other office in connection with the management of the companys affairs must also comply with these company law obligations.

Company law requirements for a website of an Irish limited company

Does your website contain the mandatory information on the company that an Irish registered company must include to comply with Companies Act 2014?

Checklist for company letter head requirements in Ireland

Do you know what information must be included in a letter or order form for an Irish incorporated limited liability company? Are you in compliance with Companies Act 2014?

Annual returns. CRO warn do not leave filing form B1 to the last minute

The May 2016 CRO Ezine contains a warning on why you should not leave it to the last minute to file your annual return and gives some guidance on delivery options for your form B1 and related financial statements.

CRO position on District Court application for extension of time to file an annual return

The CRO has issued its position on District Court applications to extend the filing date when a company is late in filing its annual return.

Busy week speaking on Company Law and Planning your Future

It certainly was a busy week delivering workshops on Companies Act 2014 and succession law, capital acquisition tax, enduring power of attorney and the fair deal scheme.

Dormant Company in Ireland

Are you wondering what you should do with your Irish dormant company. You need to decide if the company should be liquidated or whether it may qualify for voluntary strike off.

Companies Act 2014. How does it impact my business

How Companies Act 2014 impacts on existing companies, the options available to convert, the liability of directors, rules about transactions with directors, loans to or from a director under Irish company law

Company Law conversions in 2016

31 August and 30 November 2016 are the decision deadline dates for existing private companies to convert.

Missed the filing date for your company's annual return? What you should do.

Every Irish company must file an annual return with the Companies Registration Office on an annual basis. A company has 28 days from the annual return date to file the annual return (and financial statements unless exempt) so that this information becomes available to the public. You should act immediately to make the filing to minimise late penalty fees and the negative consequences for you and the company. You can also apply to court for a filing date extension.

Existing private companies and Companies Act 2014

Companies Act 2014 will impact on all existing companies registered in Ireland. What will it mean for your existing Irish private company?

New types of private companies under Companies Act 2014. The options

No doubt you have heard about the changes in company law that commenced in June 2015.

Companies Act 2014 in force

The long awaited Companies Act 2014 finally commenced on 1 June 2015. The majority of the provisions of the legislation are now in force.


Updated: This legislation came into effect on 1 June 2015 with some limited exceptions under SI 169 of 2015. After 15 years of preparation, consultation and revision, a comprehensive new Companies Act was enacted on 23 December 2014. With nearly 1,500 sections and 17 Schedules, this is the largest piece of legislation ever enacted by the Oireachtas. The bulk of the legislation became effective on 1 June 2015.

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