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Sligo Solicior Michelle McLoughlin Tax Intellectual Property Business Law

"1 Do you enjoy the business environment?

a I thrive in the challenges that the business environment throws up. I enjoy the variety of work and that no two businesses are the same with many having their own unique challenges. I love that I do not know what each day will bring when I receive new queries from clients which can be an urgent legal matter that must be addressed immediately to helping them to plan and implement for upcoming legal changes or business expansion plans.

2 Tell us about your roles as a business trainer, solicitor and taxation expert?

a My roles involve a great variety of work and no two days are the same. I work with many startups as well as established businesses so I try to avoid legal jargon. My tax background helps when I am drafting and negotiating business deals as I am conscious of both the legal and taxation implications. In my legal business I assist with business and company law matter and the related issues including, employment law, intellectual property and terms and conditions. I work alongside other solicitors providing expertise on taxation matters in particular in the areas of gift and inheritance tax and capital gains tax.

The business consultancy and training business, Train With Us developed from demand for assistance so that matters could be addressed before they became “legal”. I provide business training on employment law, taxation and the protection of intellectual property rights. I can come into a business and provide customised training relevant to their specific needs as well as group training for businesses. I also offer one to one business consultancy through my Business SOS service where we work out a plan to immediately implement business decisions with a one month follow up to ensure accountability.

3 What’s the best advice you could offer a business?

a Do something you are passionate about because business involves long hours and hard work so enjoy it. Document everything and agree them rather than both sides making assumptions. Hopefully that should avoid misunderstandings and future disputes. Put in place a shareholders agreement or partnership agreement so everyone is clear on boundaries. Trust your gut, take informed risks but have an exit strategy in place and be prepared to cut your losses. Keep going as everything takes time and embrace new opportunities as Beckett said “…try again, fail again, fail better”

4 Greatest day you have had as a business owner?

a Everytime I hear about a product or service knowing that I contributed in some way to help the business owner transform the idea into reality.

Personally returning to Sligo and setting up my own businesses and deciding to focus on the areas I enjoy and am passionate about."

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