Gift tax rate and inheritance tax rate

Since 9 October 2019 the Irish gift and inheritance tax (known as capital acquisition tax) lifetime tax free amounts/thresholds (calculated on an aggregated basis for each Group/category of persons)  are currently:

• For a Group A – beneficiary child or minor child of a predeceased child and in certain circumstances widowed spouse/civil partner of a deceased child – tax free amount is currently €335,000;

• For a Group B – beneficiary siblings, other grandchildren and other specified descendants – tax free amount is €32,500;

• For a Group C beneficiary all others – tax free amount is €16,250.

These are lifetime limits.  This means that previous taxable benefits in the same group must be taken into account when calculating the lifetime tax free amount/threshold.

Previous limits can be viewed on the Revenue Commissioners website.

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Capital Acquisition Tax rate

The current capital acquisition tax rate is 33%.

The tax payable on a gift or inheritance is 33% of the taxable benefit once the lifetime limit for the Group has been used.

Benefits to a spouse or civil partner are generally exempt from capital acquisition tax unless anti-avoidance rules apply.

There are a number of exemptions and reliefs that may apply to reduce the amount of tax payable.

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