Gift tax rate and inheritance tax rate

Since 6 December 2012 the Irish gift and inheritance tax (known as capital acquisition tax) lifetime tax free amounts/thresholds (calculated on an aggregated basis for each Group/category of persons) have been reduced and are currently:

  • For a Group A – beneficiary child or minor child of a predeceased child and in certain circumstances widowed spouse/civil partner of a deceased child – tax free amount is currently €280,000 since Budget 2016 changed as at 14 October 2015 (previously €225,000);


  • For a Group B – beneficiary siblings, other grandchildren and other specified descendants – tax free amount is €30,150;


  • For a Group C beneficiary  all others – tax free amount is €15,075.


Previous taxable benefits in the same group must be taken into account when calculating the lifetime tax free amount/threshold.


Capital Acquisition Tax rate

The current capital acquisition tax trate is 33%.

The tax payable on a gift or inheritance is 33% of the taxable benefit.


Benefits to a spouse or civil partner are generally exempt from capital acquisition tax unless anti-avoidance rules apply.


If you would like to discuss making a will or would like additional information on the tax that arises if yor receive a gift or a legacy please contact us to set up an appointment.