Stamp Duty Rates 2015 Ireland

Stamp duty is calculated based on the consideration paid for certain transactions that are recorded in a document. Market value may apply in certain circumstances, for example, if there is a gift or unascertainable consideration.

Residential Property

Up to €1,000,000       1%
Excess over €1,000,000 2%

Non Residential Property -  2%

Mixed residential and non residential property

Where a transaction includes both residential and non residential property, the consideration must be apportioned between the…

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2015 Irish gift and inheritance – Capital Acquisition Tax (CAT) rate and tax free thresholds

The Irish gift and inheritance tax free amounts (thresholds) have been reduced and the tax rate has been increased in recent years.

Since 6 December 2012 the Irish gift and inheritance tax (known as capital acquisition tax) lifetime tax free amounts/thresholds (calculated on an aggregated basis for each Group) have been reduced to:

For a Group A beneficiary – child or minor child of a predeceased child and in certain circumstances widowed…

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SURE – START UP REFUNDS FOR ENTREPRENEURS. Tax refunds may be available for PAYE income tax paid in the previous 6 years before the year in which you invest in a new start up company that meets the conditions specified for the refund.

This is an incentive for those with PAYE income to start up a new business and become a director and/or employee of the new business.  The business must be established through a company.

The refund available will depend on the amount of capital you invest in the new start-up company.

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Companies Act 2014 in force

The long awaited Companies Act 2014 finally commenced on 1 June 2015. The majority of the provisions of the legislation are now in force.

The Companies Act 2014 was commenced under SI 169 of 2015 and SI 220 of 2015.  1 June 2015 was selected as the commencement date for most of the provisions that replace the existing Companies Acts in Ireland except for:

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First Time Buyer DIRT Refund

Are you a first time buyer (or builder) of a home or apartment in which you will live in Ireland? Have you purchased (or completed) it since 14 October 2014 (and before 31 December 2017)? Have you never previously purchased or built a residential property?

You should check to ensure that you qualify for the Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT) refund.


The refund is on DIRT paid on savings up to 48 months prior to the purchase date (or build completion date) that are used to purchase or build the residential property.  There is…

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