Renewal of a fixed term contract.

A fixed term contract can only be renewed or extended if there are objective grounds justifying the renewal without offering an indefinite duration (permanent) contract.

The law - Protection of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003 - provides that generally an employee cannot have two or more fixed term contracts with an aggregate duration exceeding 4 years.

To renew/extend the fixed term contract then the employee must be notified in writing (no later than the…

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Benefits of making a will

Would you like to decide and have control over who inherits your property on your death? If so you should make a will setting out your wishes.

If you fail to make a will – legislation will determine who gets your property and who gets to take care of the estate and distribute the property.

By making a will you can:

• plan who receives specified property
• make alternative arrangements for benefits to pass

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