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Extended Parental Leave applies from September 2019

The legislation to provide for the additional parental leave has been signed so that the new parental leave period starts from 1 September 2019.

Employment Law rules change in March 2019

Additional Employment Law rules apply since March 2019. What does this mean for your business?

Refresher training for Employment Law and GDPR updates

In light of recent case law which continues to highlight deficiencies in how employers apply the law and treat employees I am delighted to provide training.

GDPR implications if you have employees

The General Data Protection Regulation impacts on the personal data you hold on employees. Many have overlooked this and just focused on the customer and writing a privacy notice for them.

What is the full cost to an employer for an increase in the minimum wage to 9.55 euro per hour?

In addition to the wage cost increase of 0.30 per hour, employers PRSI must also be taken into account.

Teaching time again

I am delighted to be back in the Law Society of Ireland for Summer 2017

Do you have a Paternity Leave policy in place for your business?

Paternity Leave and Paternity Benefits commenced in Ireland on 1 September 2016 for a relevant parent.

Public holidays in Ireland

Employees are, in certain circumstances, entitled to time off work or to be paid for public holidays specified in the Organisation of Working Time legislation.

Can you justify the retirement age of your employees?

You need to be able to justify objectively the retirement age that you have set for each of your employees under equality law.

Employment law review and Human Resources audit

Update your employment law policies and procedures for recent changes to minimum wage, annual leave entitlements and enforcement procedures using Workplace Relations Commission.

Business Compliance Training

Do you want to learn about your obligations for health and safety, preventing bullying and harassment, staff training, employment law and consumer law?

Annual leave accrues while an employee is on certified long term sick leave.

Employees accrue annual leave when on long term certified sick leave.

Whistleblower protection, direct reimbursement of social welfare and online sales. 2014 changes

As we come to the end of 2014, I outline a short summary of some fundamental legislative changes that may impact on your business operating in Ireland.

Minimum information to be provided to an employee by an employer

An employer must issue employees with a written statement of terms and conditions relating to their employment within two months of commencing employment.

JobsPlus Incentive

JobsPlus Incentive - a new incentive to encourage employers to hire the long term employed started on 1 July 2013.

CAP on redundancy payments not age discrimination

Labour Court decision: Hospira v Roper and others, Labour Court 29/4/2013 The Labour Court overturned a decision of the Equality Tribunal which had held that caps on redundancy payments constituted indirect discrimination on grounds of age which would only be lawful if objectively justifiable.

Extended entitlement to Parental Leave

Two new changes to Parental Leave have been introduced since 8 March 2013: • Entitlement to request changes to working hours and/or work patterns for a set period.

Employment Law - The importance of fair and proper procedures

The importance of having and following fair and proper procedures cannot be over emphasised

Employer imposing salary reduction without employee consultation or consent

What options do you have if your employer imposes a salary reduction without your consent?

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